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China Opposes Any Support to Taiwan Participating in WHO (03/26/02)

  China strongly opposes any words or actions that support Taiwan's "participation" in the World Health Organization (WHO), the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Zhang Qiyue said in Beijing on March 26.

  Zhang made the remarks in answer to a journalist's question about the US decision to continue supporting Taiwan's efforts to join the WHO.

  Zhang said that whoever proposes Taiwan's "participation" in the WHO on whatever grounds or by whatever means is infringing on China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and is interfering in China's internal affairs.

  As everyone knows, the WHO is one of the United Nations special organizations whose membership is open to only sovereign states, said Zhang, pointing out that Taiwan, as part of China, has no qualification to participate in the WHO.

  Zhang said that the WHO has overruled proposals for Taiwan's "participation" in its Assembly for five consecutive years since 1997.  A similar proposal was again turned down by the WHO Executive Committee in January this year.

  This shows that China's stance on this issue has won the understanding and support of most countries, said the spokeswoman.

  Zhang noted that Taiwan attempted to take the issue as an excuse to have "two Chinas" or "one China, one Taiwan" taking part in the WHO.

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