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Scholar: No Living Space for Taiwan Separatists (08/21/02)

Xinhua News Agency published a bylined article on Aug. 21 warning Taiwan separatists to stop their separatist activities.

  The article says that after "Taiwan independence" diehard Annette Lu ended her stealthy tour of Southeast Asia in complete failure, she concealed the fact from the Taiwan people on the one hand and on the other fabricated lies that Taiwan's "internationalliving space" is "strangled" by the Chinese mainland.

  Lu's farce, just like that of Chen Shui-bian and Lee Teng-hui, was only a gamble in the interests of their party, at the cost of the cross-Straits relationship and the interests of the Taiwan people.

  Chen and Lee always claimed that they wanted to earn "international living space" for Taiwan. Their activities had giventhe most explicit explanation of the so-called living space, whichis the space to help them totally separate Taiwan from the China, as well as space for them to profit themselves.

  Chen's "one country on each side" and Lee's "state-to-state" remarks have the same root -- separating Taiwan from China.

  There is no compromise between reunification and separatism, for reunification is in the fundamental interest of all Chinese people, including the Taiwan people, says the article.

  Most countries and international organizations, including the United Nations, held to the "one-China" policy, admitting that Taiwan was part of China.

  "There is no room in international society for Taiwan separatists, and their so-called 'practical diplomacy' is doomed to failure," stressed the article

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