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China Sees UN Decision on Taiwan a Victory for Justice (09/12/02)

  Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan said on Sept.11 in New York that the United Nations decision not to consider the so-called "Taiwan's participation in the United Nations" issue is a victory for justice.

  Any attempt to break up China or to promote Taiwan's participation in the United Nations was doomed to fail, Tang said.

  Tang, who is here to attend the 57th General Assembly session, made the statement  after the General Committee of the UN General Assembly decided not to consider the issue of the so-called " Taiwan's participation in the United Nations" during its current session.

  The committee's decision foiled for the 10th consecutive time Taiwan's attempt to join the world body.

  Also on Wednesday, the Chinese foreign minister attended a meeting at the UN Security Council and a ceremony in New York City to commemorate the Sept.11 tragedy, which took place a year ago and caused the deaths of more than 2,800 people.  

  Before his presence at the ceremony, Tang met with Nauru President Rene Harris at the UN headquarters in New York.

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