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Noted Scholar Describes Chen Shui-bian's Remarks as Separatist (09/19/02)

Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian has betrayed his true separatist intention recently by hurling attacks on the Chinese mainland in the name of "anti-terrorism".

  Professor Li Yihu of the International Relations Institute of prestigious Beijing University told Xinhua on Sept. 19 that all of Chen's activities were in defiance of the "One China" principle, as well as a provocation to the principles of international justice and the fight against terrorism.

  The underlying intention of Chen's "anti-terrorism" statements is precisely to go in for Taiwan Independence, which is closely connected to his former "one country on each side" remarks, together with "public vote", and all of the above are concrete steps toward Taiwan's independence, said the professor.

  Professor Li said Chen's remarks distorted the international anti-terrorism struggles and challenged the principle of justice.

  The Chinese mainland's policy of non-committment in abandoning the use of force is aimed at the small number of pro-Taiwan independence forces, and the real purpose is to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity. This policy is China's internationally-recognized legitimate right in accordance with theCharter of the United Nations.

  The pro-Taiwan Independence force is, in essence, an organization colored by violence and terrorism. Those people advocating Taiwan independence have been involved in a large number of violent activities, including bombing and terrorism raids, all of which are contrary to the wishes of the Chinese people.

  Chen Shui-bian has also attempted to mislead international public opinion and stir up trouble to smear the image of the Chinese mainland, and even daydreamed that anti-Chinese forces mayone day help them to achieve "Taiwan Independence".

  Professor Li said that, having suffered from separatist forces and terrorism attacks, the Chinese mainland is resolved to combat terrorism, and is also a key member of the international anti-terrorism effort.

  Chen Shui-bian will find that his activities will prove to be afarce in the world, said Li, adding that Taiwan authorities shouldreturn to the "One China" principle instead of acting willfully soas to avoid leading the Taiwan's future into an abyss. Enditem

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